Up & Coming Athletes

So Many Questions

What Is a Frisco Mo Athlete?

Frisco Mo athletes are part of a team that embodies Frisco Mo’s belief that with solid, consistent work, anything is possible. 

What Are the Expectations?

Frisco Mo expects you to keep doing what you’re doing. Playing volleyball and being a good representative for the sport. 

It's More Than Volleyball?

Umm, yes. An important part of this program includes working with Lisa from Frisco Mo to develop skills you’ll need as you move through life. (You may not realize that you’re developing these skills.) They include communication, learning to following up, responsibility and building relationships.

Is It a Sponsorship?

Sort of. Maybe. Think of it more as a mentorship that helps you grow and establish relationships in volleyball and life.

Where's the Manifesto?

Maybe one day I'll sit down and write a Jerry Maguire inspired mission statement. For now, it's simply to work with a group of athletes that love volleyball, want to support one another and develop the premier volleyball player owned brand. Frisco Mo is building a base of young athletes that love volleyball, have outstanding character and want to continue to grow, learn and succeed.

This first group will help define the program moving ahead. So be patient, it'll be an adventure!

How Do I Become a Frisco Mo Athlete?

The athlete selection program is done once a year. You will need to provide a resume, a letter of recommendation regarding your character and one regarding your life in volleyball. It also doesn't hurt to know a bit about Frisco Mo. The 2023 program has not yet opened. I anticipate it will occur mid-year.