Frisco Mo Athletes

The next Frisco Mo Athlete program opens on February 1, 2023. 


So Many Questions

What Is a Frisco Mo Athlete?

Frisco Mo athletes are part of a mentorship program designed to generate and foster relationships within the volleyball community. You will learn and develop important skills that will help you move through volleyball and life.

What Are the Expectations?

Frisco Mo expects you to keep doing what you’re doing. Playing volleyball and being a good representative for the sport. 

It's More Than Volleyball?

Umm, yes. An important part of this program includes working with Lisa from Frisco Mo to develop skills you’ll need as you move through life. (You won’t even realize that you’re developing these skills.) They include communication, learning to following up, responsibility and building relationships.

Is It a Sponsorship?

No. It is not. It is a mentorship program.

Where's the Manifesto?

Ha! We're building a base of volleyball people. You'll be able to utilize the relationships you've made as a Frisco Mo athlete to create success. And there's a bonus. Evan Cory and I will develop a program to help you learn, move about and answer any questions regarding being a beach volleyball athlete and/or an entrepreneur.